Blog and Helipad Updates

18 Mar 2010 | By Alex Young | Tags helicoid blog helipad

Helipad has been updated to include multiple tag search. If you visit /document/tags/tag1+tag2+tag3 it will display documents that match all of the tags.

The web interface needs to be updated to support folders, so while we’re doing this we’ll add an interface for multiple tag search as well.

I’ve also updated the Helipad API documentation to include notes on /document/all_ids and searching for documents changed since a date. These methods are used by our Mac and iPhone apps for efficient syncing.


We recently merged the technical Helicoid Insider blog into this blog. I also updated it to use the Jekyll site generator, which makes it lightweight and easy to update. You can get the source code to our blog from my GitHub account: alexyoung/helicoid_blog.

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