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06 Jan 2011 | By Alex Young | Tags helipad upgrades

I’ve just rolled out an update to Helipad that adds an archive feature.

Documents can now be archived, which makes them read-only and invisible to applications that sync with Helipad. If you’ve got hundreds of documents, you can now archive the ones you no-longer care about to improve sync performance.

This adds the following menu items:

  • The File menu now has Archive, Unarchive, and Open Archive
  • Clicking Archive will archive a document, and when a document is archived it can be removed from the archive with Unarchive
  • Clicking Open Archive will show a list of archived documents

The updated menu looks like this:

The File Open menu item has an Archive column with checkboxes that allows quick editing of archived documents:

An archived document looks very similar to a normal document, except it doesn’t have a Save button:

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